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I want to recycle or dispose of ; bicycle, bike, bikes, bicycles ; books, encyclopedias, hardback books, hardcover books, paperback books, phone books, soft-. Donate your old encyclopedias to a local school or library. This option depends on the age of the books and whether or not schools and libraries accept older. Dear R.B. and G.S.: The Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library will be glad to take them, said Harry Reagan, the group's president. You can drop them off at. #3 - Dispose Please place textbooks, encyclopedias, and hard cover books in poor condition in the trash. They can also be taken to OCRRA's Rock Cut Road Drop-. Does anybody know of any organisation that might benefit from old encyclopedias? We have a set of Brittanicas that is possibly 15 or so years.

We are unable to take books that are dirty, musty, water damaged or falling apart. Textbooks that are more than 5 years old Most encyclopedias (feel free to. Soft-cover books are accepted in the blue single-stream recycling cart. For hard cover books, remove the cover and dispose in the garbage. Recycle the pages. p2p-zaim.online and p2p-zaim.online: You can donate old books in good condition as well as other items. Goodwill accepts eReaders and all books except for. The bookstore gratefully accepts donations of gently used books. No DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, encyclopedias, dictionaries, old computer books, textbooks, magazines. Donate or drop-off used books to a charity or used book store: Little Free Library · Calgary Reads · Used book stores. Old and unusable books. If you can't find. Good luck to you if you can find ANYONE who will take those. Nobody wants old encyclopedias any more. You may have to recycle them. These are now considered. Dec 16, - Got or need old encyclopedias/books recycle them into interesting items. Check out your local thrift shop! Or our Arc of the Lake/ Thrifty. Textbooks, encyclopedias, medical, and law books more than five (5) years old; Government reports, pamphlets, binders, etc. Magazines *(Exceptions: Hawaiian. a.m p.m.. Book Donation Requirements. Books For Africa accepts: children's books; books that are 15 years old or newer. Encyclopedias. Dictionaries. Thesauruses. Sets of law books. Magazines/journals. Pre-college (K) textbooks. How it works: DROP OFF: Donations of more than. Boulder Public Library accepts new or gently used: The mass-market book is on the left and the trade paperback is on the right. Mass market books are smaller.

Jun 21, - OK, a friens called and asked what she could do with an old set of encyclopedias See more ideas about old encyclopedias, book crafts. * Chris E. of Houston says: "Contact a local theater troupe. Older encyclopedias make great set dressing and help fill up bookcases.". encyclopedias more than 10 years old. Note: To recycle books and magazines that can't be donated to the Library: Republic Services, North Farm Road If you wish to recycle old books that the library can't accept, you can find a place to take them by visiting Metro's website. Book Donations by Local. Most libraries or other book reuse and resale organizations do not accept encyclopedias or text books. Always check with them beforehand. Search online for. Accepts Books, Criteria. Contact Info. Way Public Books more than 5 years old in the following categories: encyclopedias Encyclopedias; Condensed books. Foundation & Friends Book Sale · No textbooks · No encyclopedias · No VHS or cassette tapes · No computer or software manuals or books · No books that are yellowed. Recycle Right! Do not put hardback books in your Recycle Right! Books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, and old textbooks that are generally not accepted. A container is available at the Transfer Station for residents to dispose of all hard cover and paperback books. All types of books, except encyclopedias and.

Certain outdated reference material more than 10 years old specifically encyclopedias, almanacs, and travel books. For questions regarding other types of. Donate good, usable books to local libraries, schools and community centers. Recycle unwanted books at a paper drop off bin or paper recycling company. Recycle and dispose your surplus books. Need to Recycle and dispose your surplus books. Need to Magazines, Yearbooks, Encyclopedias, & Readers Digest. We love your donations to the Friends of the Library Book Sale Room but will take a pass on old textbooks, encyclopedias and magazines. We limit book donations in Orlando to eight boxes or about 30 to books. Please fill boxes with 35 or less pounds. We don't take,. magazines; encyclopedias.

encyclopedias or textbooks are not accepted. Donors are encouraged to recycle these materials. Donations are reviewed at the branch level and may be. Prince William Public Libraries (PWPL) accepts donations of current books, audiobooks, and DVDs that are in good condition. Most donations are not added to. • Encyclopedias. • Magazines older than 1 year. • Textbooks. • Used workbooks or coloring books. We cannot accept clothing, housewares, furniture, or non-media. Eureka Main Library accepts book donations on Tuesdays and Thursdays from AM to Noon. Please call before donating to your local branch library.

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